Production time may vary from 1-5 business days.

Canada Post delivery delays are normally of:

Local (Quebec City)1-2 business days
In Quebec1-3 business days
In Canada3-7 business days
In the United States4-10 business days

The delivery delay is added to the production delay mentioned above.

Additional delivery delays beyond our control may be added (holidays, bad weather, COVID-19).

Deliveries to the USA may result in customs and taxe charges.

Free Shipping on Orders of $100 or More

Free shipping covers shipping costs in Canada only.

OrderCanadaUnited States
1 toque without pompon or 1 neck warmer3,50$ (with no tracking number)*11,98$ (without tracking number)* or
18,98$ (with tracking number)
Purchase of 100$ and moreFree shipping (with tracking number)N/A
All other8,98$ (with tracking number)11,98$ (without tracking number)* or

18,98$ (with tracking number)

* We are not responsible for lost parcels by Canada Post